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Cancelling our 2020 event

Our Dear Fusion Community,

After much consideration and heartbreaking conversation, we have decided to cancel The Dance Thing 2020. Our event is based in loving our dance community, and coming together with joy and connection; we don’t believe that these values could be met, both as far as protecting the safety of our community, as well as holding space to join in authentic joy without twinges of fear. With that in mind, we will be waiting until June 2021 to rejoin you at Cedar Springs for The Dance Thing.

We will be sending out emails to those who have registered by Friday with a finalized refund policy. Thank you for believing in us. If you have questions, please message The Dance Thing page or send an email to

Our communities are what’s most important to us, and we are endlessly grateful to be part of the worldwide dance family. We are in this together. Hold each other (virtually) with love, compassion, empathy, and the hope that we’ll be gathering together again soon.

With love,
The Dance Thing team - Chelsey, Joie, Josh, Justin, Rémy, Serra, Stephanie

Come for the dancing. Stay for the shenanigans.

The Dance Thing is a summertime fusion weekend just north of Seattle, WA. During the day, you can participate in community-driven activities and workshops, or relax and explore the beautiful 50 acres of land the lodge is on. At night you’ll be dancing to your favorite live and DJ’d music until the wee hours of the morning.

This is a CAMPING EVENT, no beds will be available for purchase during registration. If you have any accessibility needs, please contact our accessibility coordinator and we will gladly work to accommodate you.


The Lodge At Cedar Springs

Experience a taste of history, the beauty of untouched nature, and just enough modern conveniences to ensure a truly memorable event!

The venue features:
• A 1000 square-foot dance hall
• 50 acres of land to explore
• A creek for swimming and relaxing (a 5-10 minute walk from the festivities)
• A central fire pit for evening campfires and s'mores galore!


Community-Driven Workshops and Activities

We're embracing the "unconference" style of workshops for the weekend. This means that if ANYONE has a skill they'd like to share, a topic they'd like to discuss, or even board games they'd like to play, they are welcome to pick a space and run their thing!

We will provide a scheduling framework, but we're open to any workshops or activities people would like to bring to the table.

Outdoor Parlor

Creating a space for resting and connection

As part of this year's event, we're excited to be putting together a cozy "outdoor parlor" space for connection and rest throughout the weekend, and we need your help to make it happen!

We'd like to ask the community to bring things that can be found in a living room that offer character. A neat vintage side table, or a really soft blanket, or a pillow with a certain color or pattern, a chair. This is being created in collaboration with Jasmine Dixon (a dancer and artist from the Bay Area), who will arrange your objects into an immersive space for the community to interact with in your downtime during the weekend.

Using design touches that break with familiarity while still being comforting, she'll work experiences into the space using sound, sight, touch, taste, and smell to create a sense of full immersion.

We'd love to have you join us in creating this space! If you've already registered, check your email for the sign-up sheet. Otherwise, get your ticket now!

(Midjourney-generated images below for inspiration)


Details coming soon!
Details coming soon!
If you are interested in DJing with us this year, applications will open in the near future.
Don't worry about registering right away. We will hold your spot if you apply, and ticket prices will not increase over time.
DJ applications are now open!
If you're interested in bringing your unique vibe to The Dance Thing, we'd love to hear from you!

Don't worry about registering right away – we will hold your spot if you apply, and ticket prices will not increase over time.
Apply to DJ!

Live Artists

We're excited to bring you fantastic musicians from across North America!

Ticket Information


In seeking to create a sustainable model for organizing this event, we value recognizing and paying our team for their labor from the start. This means all of our organizers, musicians, DJs and contractors are compensated for the work they put in to make The Dance Thing happen.

Our ticketing is structured as a guided sliding scale: the below prices are recommendations based on our budgeting for the event.

If you're able to contribute more than the suggested prices, or they are outside what you can afford, you'll have the option during registration to enter whatever price you feel comfortable with!

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds – we want you here!
Our most affordably-priced ticket tier, meant to keep this event accessible for those with lower incomes.
The middle-of-the road price. If everyone attending purchased tickets at this tier, we'd break even.
For all you high rollers out there! Tickets at this tier contribute to our scholarship fund, and to making this event sustainable for years to come.

Children 12 years old and younger can attend the event free of charge.
Tickets for attendees ages 13-17 are half price.
All attendees who are 18 or older pay the full ticket price.

Payment Plans

This year we will be offering the option of a payment plan to all of our attendees!

At check-out, you will be able to choose whether to pay upfront, or to split your ticket into 2 or more equal payments. If you opt in to a payment plan, you will be billed upfront for the first portion, then again every 7 until your ticket is fully paid for.


We will be offering 5 communal meals during the weekend: Friday evening, Saturday midday and evening, and Sunday midday and evening.

As we plan our menu, we will endeavor to offer options to account for as many allergies and dietary restrictions as we can, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate everyone. All meals will definitely be nut-free, with gluten-free and dairy-free options.

If you are interested in joining the meal plan, it is available for an additional $
Registration Opens


The Dance Thing is a community effort, and would not exist without the time and hard work of our many volunteers. If you love this event and want to be a part of making it happen, please consider volunteering for a few hours during the weekend. We need/appreciate/love any help you can give!

In our efforts to make this event equitable and accessible to all, we are separating volunteer roles from financial need. Volunteers will not receive monetary compensation, but will have the gratitude of everyone involved and the satisfaction of helping the event run! When we all put what we can into the event, we can all get what we need out of it.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the "volunteer" section during registration. Our most needed roles are food prep, set up, and registration, but if you have any special skills you would like to offer please let us know!


The Dance Thing is a large, primarily outdoor event with indoor dancing. Our COVID policies and procedures are intended to protect our community. That being said, we recognize that with any large event there is some risk. We reserve the right to adjust these practices if significant public health changes occur close to the event.

We are requiring the following to attend our event:

  • COVID-19 vaccination
  • Rapid testing on-site during the weekend


COVID vaccinations are required. All attendees must submit proof of COVID vaccination. This can be either a picture of your up-to-date CDC vaccine card, or a screenshot of a valid digital COVID vaccine record. Make sure your upload clearly shows: Your full name & date of birth, manufacturer & date of each shot/booster.


Rapid testing will be required ON SITE at the event.

Testing ahead of time may be a good idea in order to prevent any surprises after travel but you will still test when you arrive at the venue.

We will be providing 3 tests to each attendee - one to be taken upon arrival, and one to be taken before breakfast on Saturday and Sunday of the event.

If you test positive or find yourself sick prior to the event, please stay home, and contact us to discuss a refund.