Survival Guide (PDF)

The Survival Guide has everything you need to know about navigating this Thing. PLEASE read through it, as it contains important information to ensure we all have a fantastic weekend.


  • This is a camping event. You will be camping.
  • Restrooms will be maintained outhouses.
  • We will provide some unmanned solar shower equipment, and the creek can be used to bathe with bio-friendly soap.
  • Indoor showers and bathrooms are off-limits, please respect the lodge owner's wishes (and septic system limits).
  • Bring your own dishes, utensils, and cups.
  • There is no refrigerator, kitchen, or storage space available.
  • Please bring trash bags to pack out your own trash.
  • Only gas camp stoves are allowed.
  • There will be hot and cold water available.
  • There will be a 3-sink dishwashing station available at the outdoor kitchen.
  • Please read the full information available in the Survival Guide (coming soon).