The Team

Core Team

Justin Johnson

Executive Director

Justin began his dance journey with Contra at a Masonic lodge in Amherst, MA in 2011. He gleefully spun in circles for a few years before moving home to NYC, where he fell in love with both Blues and Fusion. Since then, Justin has hosted at Om Fusion (Seattle’s weekly Fusion dance), DJ'd events on two different continents, and gained a deep appreciation for the community and creativity present in the Fusion scene.


Operations Director

Josh has been dancing for over a decade. It all started in PDX at Tuesday Blues then expanded to WCS, fusion, and micro. He has a deep love for logistics, spreadsheets, food (especially chocolate and cheese), photography, and emergency management. He has been doing logistics/emergency related things for over 20 years on 4 continents and altitudes up to 40,000 feet. He will happily talk to you about his food planning spreadsheets, and being on fire.

Joie Cousins

Community and Brand Manager

Joie first started dancing in 2009 doing ballroom dance, where they developed a love and passion for expressing themself via movement. In 2014, they found Lindy Hop in Seattle and became obsessed with social dancing. They finally discovered a love for blues as well as fusion in 2017, and has split their dancing energy between those two styles ever since. Joie has a passion for developing a strong community with a focus on inclusivity, diversity, transparency, and accountability.

Rémy Baheux

Administration Director

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Rémy has explored a whole myriad of dance styles throughout the years. Once he became a dance organizer, he was able to put his passion and heart into the community, helping to kick off and cultivate the Fusion scene in Olympia before moving up to Seattle. He is now a DJ, emcee and event organizer who loves the ability to express and connect through music and dance, and is excited to contribute to the future of the Fusion community.

Serra Shelton

Grants & Fundraising Manager

Serra has worked as a fundraiser/grant writer for nonprofit arts organizations in Seattle such as Velocity Dance Center and The Vera Project. She is also an avid fusion dancer and has a background in blues, ballet, modern, and more. She is excited to help The Dance Thing get $$ to do cool things and make fusion dance accessible to everyone.

Chelsey Lew

Accessibility Coordinator

Chelsey has been dancing in the Seattle Area since 2010. Over the years she has explored primarily Blues, West Coast Swing, and Fusion. Her creative endeavors have spanned clothing design, drawing, painting, dancing, digital art, and most recently UX design. Chelsey is excited to be a part of The Dance Thing!

Stephanie Yamamoto

Marketing & Communication Manager

Stephanie fell in love with partner dance in 2009 after discovering east coast swing and lindy hop. Since discovering fusion, her style has grown to encompass influences from balboa, west coast swing, blues, tango, and hip hop (among others). With a background in music, engineering, and taiko drumming, she approaches each dance as a unique experience and opportunity for both verbal and nonverbal conversation.

Advisory Board

Coming soon!