Tenae Lew

Tenae has been obsessively dancing in and around Seattle for years and has been turning her focus towards both DJing and organizing events. Historically, dancers have encountered Tenae’s sets at several weekend fusion events in Vancouver, BC (Lakeside Fusion II and MiniVans 1 & 2), as well as evening social dances and house parties in both Seattle and Vancouver, BC. The Dance Thing will be Tenae’s first US-based festival event.

Never one to play a song she doesn't love to dance to, Tenae's DJ style is rooted in music often found in the wee-hours of the night - micro-licious elements, deep driving beats, and artists whose creations give you goosebumps. While not adhering to a particular genre of music, Tenae's goal is to offer sets where the rise and fall is felt within the dancers' connection to each other.