The Floor

An affordable resource for the dance community

For our 2019 event, we purchased a high-quality dance floor consisting of 100 modular SnapLock tiles. Since then, it's been used for multiple dance events in Seattle, and we're now making it available to local dancers to use in their own spaces!

After a 2020 that has been pretty rough for social dance, we wanted to start the new year on a hopeful note by offering our community an easy way to upgrade their home dance spaces. Our modular floor can be used for:

  • Dance events
  • Lessons and practicas
  • Solo or partnered practice
  • Any other time you just need to boogie!
Photo of dancers crawling on the floorPhoto of people taking apart a modular dance floor

Interested in renting the floor?


The panels are 3ft x 3ft square, and weigh 18 pounds each.
We're keeping things both simple and affordable by pricing the floor at $9/panel for one-time rentals and $5/panel per month for long-term rentals (2 month minimum).
More information on the panels can be found at the manufacturer's site.

Please fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch to coordinate the specifics with you!