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WTF Monthly Membership

WTF Dance Cards are a monthly recurring membership that gains you admission to all WTF dances and lessons.

If you are a regular attendee of WTF who wants to do a little more to support your local fusion dance community, sign up for a WTF Dance Card. You will receive a membership keychain and your name will be placed on a list for check in to all WTF events.

It’s convenient, it supports the community, and it’s a potential tax benefit. Any membership cost exceeding the $80 baseline each month includes a tax-deductible donation.

Choose your membership tier

Click on a tier to make your selection, then click the button below to sign up.



This is the equivalent of paying at the door each week to attend the class and social.

Helping Out


Our intro donor price: standard admission plus a bit extra.

Includes a tax-deductible donation of:

$40/month or

Oh Dang


You like us and have some cash to burn!

Includes a tax-deductible donation of:

$100/month or

Lol Thx


For the high-rollers who love a good meme.

Includes a tax-deductible donation of:

$340.69/month or

All tiers $120 and above will include receipts for the tax-deductible portion of your membership.

Monthly Renewals

Your Dance Card membership will auto-renew each month until canceled. Renewal charges following initial sign up will always fall on the last Friday of the month via Stripe. Memberships will become active for the month following signup/purchase.

For example: If your initial sign up is in mid February, your membership will become active for the month of March. The next auto payment will come on the last Friday of March and will be covering your active membership in April.

You will receive notifications ahead of the auto renewal.

Why should I sign up for a membership?

It’s a wonderful way to support WTF!

Predictable and reliable income gives us the ability to bring in guest teachers + DJs and compensate them well, do cool stuff, and take risks to bring you new things!

Additionally, it’s convenient – no need to purchase tickets every time you go to a WTF event, simply show your token or give your name at the door to get in.